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When you deliver with Advanced Specialty Care for Women with a Midwife or Dr. Gregerson, we will treat you to a free CO2 fractional laser session to lighten stretch marks or a no-cost VShape Body Sculpting treatment. Your Choice!

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Midwife Services

“The word “midwife” literally means “with woman.” Our Certified Nurse Midwives, Jane Weis, and Jennifer Mimish Navarro aim to work with you to provide healthcare that is personal and individualized. As modern day Midwives, we are with you as a trusted health partner. We treat puberty, pregnancy, and menopause as normal and tend to use fewer interventions and medications. We are open to many kinds of treatments including natural alternatives. If you’re pregnant or simply seeking a healthcare provider, we want to be your partner in health for life.

Birth Services

Giving birth is a miraculous, life-changing event. Our goal as a midwife is to help you have a joyful & safe labor experience at either St. Lukes, Nampa or Birkland maternity Center in Nampa.

Following our core philosophies, pregnancy and labor are provided by nurse-midwives are characterized by low rates of interventions such as induction, episiotomies, and Cesarean sections. Evidence shows that care for mothers and babies by Midwives has to lead to better outcomes for both.

As Certified Nurse Midwives we help to individualize your birth experience. We focus on education for a healthy mom and baby. Women can expect a safe, personalized experience through their pregnancy and delivery when they have a midwife on their team.

We are a hospital-based practice which means your baby will be born at either St. Lukes, Nampa or the Birkeland Maternity Center at St. Alphonsus Nampa. We believe in reasonably accommodating your labor needs and can help you with pain relief by utilizing “natural” methods, coaching you through labor, relieving pain without medication or using an epidural.

When you are admitted in labor we will be present to provide supportive care during labor and for the delivery of your baby.

Safety always comes first. While midwives focus on respecting normal, we are also experts at recognizing when things are not normal. That’s when we work in collaboration with OB physicians like Dr. Gregerson. Should it become necessary, we can consult them in at any point, counseling and involve you every step of the way.

Women’s Care Services

Midwives love pregnancy, labor, and delivery but we can do so much more! We also manage and treat common health problems, including:

Annual exams

Fertility counseling


Sick visits (such as yeast infections, urinary infections, sinus infections)

Our practice guidelines provide for medical consultation, collaboration, and referral, and are in accordance with the Standards for the Practice of Midwifery, as defined by the American College of Nurse-Midwives.”

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