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VShape Ultra - Body Sculpting Package. Choose what you want in six treatment sessions!

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Additional VShape Treatment of Choice

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Metabolic Test

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Rejuvenation of the Face with Co2 Treatment

The Body Sculpting Deal You Don't Want to Miss!

Are the gazillion crunches, butt kicks, and burpees your performing as well as the endless hours of cardio, HIIT workouts, diets, and all your healthy choices getting rid of those troublesome fat areas?

If you are like most people, eating right and working out don't work off all the fat and you just need some extra help.

Would you like to try a proven method that provides amazing results, makes you feel and look awesome as you slip into skinnier jeans?

Are you already eating awesome, working out, but you have hit a wall? There are some areas on your body where the cellulite needs some extra help. 

While exercise and eating right are essential, there are still areas that can use an extra nudge. That's where body sculpting comes in. Watch this video to learn more! It's time to decide what areas of your body you will get to work on!

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with VShape Ultra

If You Can Pinch It, We Can Shrink It.

This amazing technology is a non-invasive radio technology that can deliver concentrated thermal energy to renew, revitalize, and refresh the body and face to bring out the real you.  It's safe, done in-office, and you can resume your regular activities following a session.

Six sessions is about right for most people. This deal offers you six sessions to resolve the parts of your body that you are unhappy with.

The VShape Ultra Body Sculpting is excellent for large areas such as:

  • Inner Thighs - both legs      
  • Abdominal area
  • Flanks - front and back; both sides
  • Back of thighs - both legs

Small areas that can be treated consist of:
  • Neck and chin
  • Arms
  • Bra area of back
  • Under arms
  • Face

With this promotion, you can choose from Small or Large treatments. However, our VShape specialist will advise you on the best treatment to meet your goals, because if for instance, you wanted to do legs; inner/outer, abdominal area, flanks, neck, chin, bra area, etc. You would not benefit from the treatment as it would be non-targeted and once-over the respected area. We will be treating you for results which we guarantee in your six treatments! So what are you waiting for? Scroll to the bottom and sign up for your six treatments right now!

Okay, this is it; the best deal you can see in the mirror.  Until the clock reaches zero, six sessions will only be....


You've got very little to lose except for unwanted fat. 

If you have ordered more than one of these packages, you can call and assign them to this beautiful gift certificate for anyone you would like to. Call Reception following your order to assign them accordingly:

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Any spending on your health for this limited time offer is money well spent!

*Package first use must be within one year. Packages after one year will convert to payment towards full price of services. 

$997 for a VShape Ultra Package of Six Visits. Save thousands with this limited time offer.

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