Comprehensive Genetic Testing

  • Multi-Gene Hereditary Oncology Testing
  • Hereditary Cancer
  • 20+ years of experience
  • 1.5 million tests performed
  • 99/99% analytic sensitivity
  • The undisputed industry leader in hereditary oncology testing and variant reclassifications

Benefits to Ambry Comprehensive Genetic Testing

Delivering Accuracy

A human life is attached to every sample and every result. Advanced lab procedures are followed to ensure accurate results you can trust.

Bringing Clarity    

Complimentary studies are made that reduce variants of unknown significance, so we can provide clear results to patients based on RNA/DNA analysis.

Advancing Science

By partnering with Konica Minolta, we are now a part of a global effort to advance precision medicine and improve patient care.

The Power of Knowing

Understanding if you have an inherited

condition may allow for early treatment

and clearer medical management.

Improved Diagnosis:

Identifying an inherited condition early on and with accuracy.

Personalized Treatment:

Effectively match medical management to improve quality of life.

Drug Development:

Accelerate new drug discoveries for optimized treatment and prevention.

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