See Your Baby in the Womb with a 3D Ultrasound / 4D Ultrasound

IMG952423At Advanced Specialty Care For Women,  you will “meet” and watch your baby wave, yawn, or smile live while in your womb. You can actually see what your baby is going to look like before he or she is born! If you would like, we can also determine your baby’s gender as early as 16 weeks so you can start shopping pink or blue. If you are asking: “Am I pregnant?” We can confirm the pregnancy and give you an estimated due date.

We use cutting edge 3D/4D ultrasound technology to bring images of your baby to life! Nothing compares to seeing 3D and 4D ultrasound images of your baby and we’d love to share the experience with you! Our ultrasounds  provide a positive bonding opportunity between the mother, father, family members and the unborn baby. We’re certain you’ll love the experience!FullSizeRender

3D and 4D prenatal ultrasounds are considered elective and are not covered by insurance.  Please note that our elective 3D ultrasounds and 4D ultrasounds can only be performed on pregnant women who are under the care of a health care provider and have already had a diagnostic ultrasound.